Nichiyo no Yoru Gurai wa… (2023)


Old apartment complexes, rented houses in the suburbs, and cabs running through the cities. These scenes may look ordinary but each has a different story to tell. A daughter who works part-time to support her disabled mother; a woman who has been cut off from her family and continues to work as a cab driver; a granddaughter who lives in a rented house and works at a factory with her grandmother. This is the story of three women, who live far apart from each other and do not know each other’s existence until a fateful encounter through a radio program.

Director: Shinjo Takehiko

Also known as: About Sunday Night... Nichiyou no Yoru Gurai wa…


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

Nichiyo no Yoru Gurai wa… (2023) full episodes

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